Jack Fire Back Fire

jd tennessee

Jack Daniel’s is 35% alcohol/ethanol

With added cinnamon to kill the toxic taste

Hiding all mention of alcohol

To deceive the consumer



Wine from down under


The key constituent in wine is alcohol/ethanol

Strong alcohol at that

Alcohol a toxic, addictive, psychoactive drug

The consumer is kept in the dark about alcohol

We have the right to be informed

Old Scout Straight Bourbon Whiskey

old scout

A robust 99 proof, it’s strong, but deliciously drinkable

like all of Smooth Ambler’s offerings

Strong? this is a bottle of 50% pure alcohol/ethanol

Lethal, disabling

This information of critical interest to the consumer is withheld

Total disregard for a person’s health & wellbeing

The Grey Goose Velvet Rope

Grey goose velvet rope

Grey Goose call on you to mix their heavy alcohol with another

To make it even heavier alcohol

Add flavours to kill the toxic taste

Hide all mention of alcohol

Hide and deceive