Let your watch breathe!@karagoucher

kara flyout longsleeve

Kara Goucher

Where my watch window lovers at?!

Flyout Wool Long Sleeve restocked in new spring colors! Let your watch breathe!


Yoga is the practice of mindfulness@YogaWorks

yoga works practice


“Yoga is not just something you do, it’s something you choose to practice everyday. It also doesn’t have to be asana (postures). Yoga can be meditation, reading a book, doing one thing at a time. Yoga is the practice of mindfulness.”- wisdom from YogaWorks Teacher

Benefits of Downward Dog

downward dog

The benefits of downward dog pose include helping to release tension in the shoulders, align the spinal column, and strengthen the legs and arms. The downward dog pose lengthens and stretches the hamstrings and Achilles tendons as well as increasing ankle flexibility.